Last Wednesday, many of the youth at Rosemont Baptist Church had the opportunity to hear about and experience a bit of our trip to Brazil. While the kids in the AWANA program watched some of the students perform skits, and sang Portuguese songs, the youth pastor interviewed me about our group’s experience there… encouraging students to put the great commission into practice. I was able to share stories with these students, and told them some of the ways we ministered in Brazil.

How did we get this opportunity? At the beginning of the school year, each IMPACT 360 student was required to choose a “Service Opportunity”, namely a place within the greater community where they wanted to commit to serve four hours a week. We were given many choices; including working with the fire department, a local tourism office, and as a golf- assistant.

For me, this has been a great ministry. I have enjoyed working with the youth pastor and leaders, and joining their passion and goals in investing in the students at Rosemont. I have also been able to get to know some of the students, and to understand what gets them excited. I have learned a lot about the work that goes into student ministry, as well as the blessings and development that result.

The chance to share about Brazil, and to be an example for these students came as a result of the ministry opportunities provided by IMPACT 360, and I know that more chances will come as we work with these organizations and churches throughout our time here in Pine Mountain. It is exciting to know that the impact God made in our lives during Brazil, and the testimony of His power is now being shared with individuals back in America.

Madison Cothran

Class of 2011