Well, since our return from Christmas break, the term “free time” has become an oddity. IMPACT360 has been firing on all cylinders during this rather intensive “preparation week.” It’s been an exhausting blast. Whether practicing Portuguese pronunciations with the worship team, rehearsing our ‘drama’ and its choreography, editing testimonies, among a myriad of other things, the IMPACT360 air is filled with nervous excitement.

This blog will be one of our primary forms of communication throughout this journey, and let’s face it; this is mostly so parents know their children are safe and doing well. Just kidding! We’re looking forward to share stories of all shapes and sizes, so please stay tuned! I’m fortunate enough to be the first to write to you.

I am a part of the drama team, which, in short, depicts the story of Jesus and how He selflessly saved us from our sin. The idea of it is similar to the “Lifehouse Everything – Drama” (found on YouTube), which would do a much better job explaining than I would. Anyways, this drama has been great for me spiritually, as it is such a timely reminder that everything is about Him. We are simply blessed to play a role in His story. So as IMPACT360 heads to Brazil, our mindset must be about serving Him and serving others, ceaselessly giving Him the glory.

In two short days we will head to Brazil and no longer be stateside. We greatly appreciate your prayers. Until next time.

Drama Practice