We can’t believe it’s been a month since we, the Fellows of class sixteen, have been here at Impact 360 Fellows.  Since hitting our one-month mile-marker, it’s started to feel more and more like this is our new home and not just a summer camp. As we make this place home, we’ve spent time establishing how we are going to live life together.

Our class of 76 Fellows are divided into three different houses, Timberline, Breakwater, and Frontier. It’s in these three houses that we’ve established values of living life together; we call these values house covenants. These act as a way for everyone to feel like they can best thrive in this new environment. The covenants that we discussed are meant to acknowledge the importance of communication between each other for the next nine months. Each house was able to talk about what they expect out of the students they are living with and the best ways they can serve one another. This not only applies to our living spaces but in the classrooms and group activities as well.

Another way we’ve established rhythms as houses are through Intramurals. Our first intramural game was a blast! Intramurals take place every Monday afternoon with each of our houses being represented in color and cheers.

Intramurals are one way we have friendly competition which will result in one house winning the house cup at the end of the year. Throughout the year, we will be participating in different activities to win points. A few of these activities include ultimate frisbee, soccer, volleyball, basketball, flag football, and trivia.

We kicked off Intramurals with a mini volleyball tournament! Frontier took first place, but Timberline and Breakwater were not far behind.

Though not every student chose to participate in the games, they were still there to support their team by cheering them on and bringing water. This all made for an enjoyable time to bond with our houses, as well as continuing to build relationships with those not in our house. We believe that having these friendly competitions will help us in a variety of ways this year, including teamwork, communication, leadership, service, sportsmanship, and a tool to de-stress.

These are all aspects of living life together we committed to pursuing in our house covenants.

Having these qualities practiced during intramurals is making it so much easier to make it a part of our other daily activities and group events we have. Additionally, it’s such a fun way to learn about others and the things they might be passionate about. We are so thankful to be able to participate in these intramurals as a class and we are excited to see what the rest of the year holds.

by Syler Church and Audrey Lane