Due to a storm last Thursday night, the ladies were forced to postpone their Girls Night Out…but that certainly did not put a damper on last night’s festivities.

From team cheers to TP wedding dresses to a sandwich making contest to paint wars this night was filled with fulfilling the old Cindy Lauper adage: these girls just wanna have fun! The ladies were divided into teams including the Princess Pink Sleeping Beauties, the Tiffany Blue Cinderellas, and the Lime Green Tinkerbells. These three teams made their own cheers as the first competition, followed by the classic toilet paper wedding dress competition, which was fashionably won by the Sleeping Beauties. In the spirit of Biblical womanhood, the ladies had a sandwich making competition for points awarded for style and timing, clearly applicable in the future. Saving the best for last there was an epic paint war- complete with paint balloons, 10-gallon buckets filled with paint, and water guns filled with hot pink paint! Needless to say it was a messy battle but the souvenir tshirts were well worth it! All in all the ladies last GNO was filled with the basic IMPACT 360 essentials: fellowship, fun, and lots of paint!

Taylor Wells