Final projects are coming close and campus is buzzing with students working busily in all areas of the Davis House. Some students are writing, others are crafting the perfect presentation to be unveiled at the Chick-fil-a corporate office on Thursday and Friday of this week while still others are re-reading and re-verbalizing their oral presentations again and again. Something we’ve learned at Impact is to put our best efforts into our work in attempts to finish well and it is beyond evident that the students here are doing just that. The final presentation consists of a two thousand word essay and a ten minute oral presentation with visual aids. The prompt is to identify one area of culture that represents how the world is not as God intended it to be. The topics of the presentation range from Human Trafficking to Obesity all the way to Poverty. The students may be nervous about giving their presentations but all are excited to share what they have learned over the past few weeks of research.
-Kelsey Moorse