As a student of Impact 360, the weekends offer a time of relaxation, studying, and bonding time with your classmates. This past weekend was a very busy one for many of the students, as a large number of us went out of state to visit family, attend weddings, or go to other classmates houses. My roommates and I drove down to Mississippi for the weekend and enjoyed a relaxing few days watching movies and reading, while another group went to south Georgia to attend a wedding and go hunting.

For the people staying on campus this weekend, KJ offered muffins, tea and coffee Saturday morning, and students were able to relax and hang out with one another while bonding over board games, worship, and a movie night in the Davis House.

Sunday’s usually offer a peaceful setting before everyone heads off to various churches in Georgia, from Newnan to LaGrange, you’re sure to find a ride to your desired place of worship. After eating lunch and a likely trip to WalMart, students usually enjoy spending the afternoon taking naps and getting ahead on homework.

Overall, weekends are something that we all look forward to and it usually creates a relaxing environment where good memories are sure to be made.