A place known for its unique ability to grow students in their faith,

IMPACT 360 is also growing in numbers and size. The pioneer program, which offers college-age students a “gap year” of study focused on servant leadership and Christian worldview, has seen its enrollment boosted by 10% every year since 2008.

Program Director, John Basie, calls the incredible growth, “a testimony to the hard work of our team, as well as God’s hand of provision.”

But when IMPACT 360 reached capacity in 2011, leadership began discussing ways to keep a number of open slots that met the demand of applications.

“We want to provide the highest quality program possible, while offering as many seats as we can, so that no qualified applicant is turned away because of space limitations,” Basie says.

After much prayer and consideration, a decision was made to purchase available land across the street from the current location in Pine Mountain, Georgia. The new space presents a variety of exciting possibilities for the campus, students, and staff.

Director Basie believes quality of learning for college students is often influenced by environment and a place of openness to discuss ideas and build relationships, which more facilities would provide.

“We are a higher education institution,” he says. “An innovative one for sure, but what we deliver here is a college level education. For us, the richest and most enduring kind of learning about God’s Word and His world happens in community. The new land will permit us to build structures that encourage a rich learning environment where this is possible.”

As plans come to fruition for the expanded campus, IMPACT 360 hopes to continue developing its network as well. The number of alumni grows every year, broadening the reach and influence of IMPACT 360 graduates in communities and cities all over the globe, and sparking new interest in this unique experience.

Phil Alsup, Senior Director Students, WinShape Foundation said,  “when IMPACT 360 began we were excited to have the chance to operate in a great setting like Pine Mountain. The people of the city are wonderful neighbors and friends to our work here and we look forward to expanding the opportunity to touch the world through a growing IMPACT 360 ministry right here.”