What does Jesus think about justice? We live in a day and age where you hear terms like social justice and biblical justice. Let’s first start with this, what does the word justice mean?

The word justice means to make right. So a part of God’s justice is a Hebrew word called Shalom. It’s peace with God and peace between people. The kingdom of God is to bear witness and embody God’s Shalom.

Justice means this: I’m going to love God by loving my neighbor as I love myself. As followers of Jesus, we want our neighbors to be treated the way we are treated. So as followers of Jesus, we see justice enacted in how Jesus engaged in the first century, second temple Jewish world.

Justice is this: cleansing the temple of corrupt money changers. That’s justice.

Justice looks like Jesus saying this to a woman caught in adultery. “If anybody hasn’t sinned, you cast the first stone.”

Justice looks like Jesus dying for sins that were not his own.

Justice looks like this: it looks like how Jesus lived, and moved, and breathed in the earth.

And the great news is because we have the Holy Spirit’s power, we join Jesus in bringing justice to earth, knowing that one day when he returns, ultimate justice will take place. So as God’s people, we are bringers of justice to an unjust world.

*Above text was transcribed from video below