One of the ways IMPACT 360 stretches us and pushes us to push ourselves is the S.O.’s (service opportunities) that are offered. IMPACT 360 is very lucky to be connected to Ms. Toni Branyon, Ms. Toni is one of those people God has just called to serve. She does everything from planning and carrying out block parties in impoverished neighborhoods to coordinating church league basketball teams. She also serves IMPACT 360 by coming into our community here in Pine Mountain and connecting us to churches, farms, fire stations, community centers, and many other service sights.

I serve at a church in LaGrange and have for the first couple of weeks help lead praise and worship for their middle and high school services. The youth there are awesome and really are enjoying having us there. I serve with Micah and Christy, we all love working with youth and kids, probably because we are kids ourselves and act like it. But what I am most excited about is just the wide openness of the opportunities within the church to give of myself and pour into the youth. We will be leading bible studies, attending youth events and building relationships with the youth and staff at the church. IMPACT 360 wants us to really take control of our S.O’s and make a difference where we serve and the church where I am located is all for that as well.

Loving what God has blessed me with and hoping He blesses you as well,

Layne Sinkorn