Towards the end of class today, Pastor Greg Brown took us to Callaway Gardens and gave us some time to meditate. I began to write. want you all to know in my pursuit of being honest and transparent, I am struggling. This week has been difficult for me in a lot of ways. The Lord is getting in my face about things and I have to choose who I am going to follow. I went to Callaway Gardens today and began to write. I normally just journal, but this time, I wanted to try to write a poem. I normally don’t like sharing this kind of thing because it leaves me vulnerable and open, yet I feel like it is something that needs to be shared. All the glory be to God, not me. This is about the Lord coming to earth and dying for me, just because He loves me. It is humbling.

If you have a moment, I encourage you to look at a painting called Isenheim Altar Piece Grunewald. I was in shock when I saw them. Although it is only a painting, it is so hard to look at and realize that we are the ones that put him there. Think, meditate, and praise Him for doing this for us. My prayer is that people will be brought to their knees at the thought of what He has done for us. Also, if you have a few minutes, I suggest reading through Romans 5. Focus on vs. 6-11.

I am praying that the Lord will give me the desire to let go of some things in my life. I ask you the same thing. If you could say just a short prayer for me, I would be so grateful. I want the Holy Spirit to work mightily through me. Thanks for the time.

Waiting For Me

You came as an innocent child

Yet you were reviled

You were born to save

Knowing that one day, You would conquer the grave

You lived Your life for the One above

You came and showed us how to love

You humbly performed miracles every day

You came to show us the way You did this perfectly

So there’s nothing more to say

So now I sit here in this state

Knowing the undeserving bore the weight

Every sin that I’ve done

All the wrath on Your Son

Broken and weak, so ashamed

Yet precious and holy have I been named

By You have I been claimed

Nail scarred hands hold me so tight

He whispers in my ear, “Let me be your Light”

I then go back to my sin

Knowing in the end, I can never win

“Surrender, surrender, that’s all I ask

Please daughter, just remove the mask”

“Do you not remember what I’ve done?

All your sin on my Son

Now you can stand before Me complete

All there is to do is bow at My feet”

“I have so much more to offer

Than all the world and the scoffers

I told you that your sin is as far as the east from the west

I promise your dear child, there is no test

So take My grace, all for you

Even if you were the only one, I’d come for that too”

“Come to Me, my princess

I want to clothe you in a beautiful dress

Don’t take your eves off Me

This is the only way you will truly see

Throw off all that hinders

Then you will see, I am the Mender”

-Rachael Krouse