This week, in the classroom, we were blessed with the presence of Dr. Gentry. Dr. Gentry could easily be classified as the “ devil’ s advocate” . Here at IMPACT we all hold to a Biblical worldview. I think that we would all agree after these class sessions that the worldview that we hold is a loose one to say the least. This week we were confronted with the challenge of holding our biblical worldview up to conflicting worldviews that gave us a real run for our money.

Dr. Gentry was ruthless as he hammered us with beliefs of the other worldviews and made us reveal why they were wrong. Most of the time, we couldn’ t tell them why they were wrong in their eyes; they were just wrong in our eyes. This posed a problem. How can we, as Christians, show people that hold to different worldviews, that their worldview is wrong in their eyes, and convince them that we are the ones that are right? This was a challenge for all of us. However, class after class we began to learn how to address this issue and learned how to think on their brainwave in order to make a stand for why our worldview was “ better” .

In addition to making a case for our faith and a case against theirs, we were confronted with questions that we probably haven’ t heard before. We were forced to think on a different, excelled level of thinking. Dr. Gentry challenged us to think outside our Christian box and to look at things in different perspectives. He showed us how to properly possess a Biblical worldview, and that it was OK not to know everything in the world.

Overall I think everyone enjoyed Dr. Gentry’ s presence in the classroom, even if it was a little intimidating at first. I surely benefited from his teachings, as I’ m sure all my classmates did as well. We enjoyed his extended talks outside the classroom as well, giving explanations about issues that we were struggling with.

Thank you for your time Dr. Gentry, it was much appreciated.

Weston Martin
IMPACT 360 | Class of 2011