Spiritual Formation I, Sept. 27-30, taught by IMPACT 360 staff members Trent Wilbanks, David Blanchard and Mary Michael Joiner. This experiential learning module will be taught in the great outdoors while backpacking and camping along the Tennessee River in northern Alabama. “Celebration of Discipline”, written by Richard Foster, will be taught throughout the four-day trip, with time for the students to experience much of what they learn, such as solitude and prayer. The trip is organized by David Blanchard who studied outdoor leadership at Columbia International University. In fact, his final exam was leading a trip in Wyoming in the winter. Mary Michael Joiner spent six summers at WinShape Camps, including three on staff. As a camper, she earned the title “White Comanche”. Trent Wilbanks is a certified wilderness first responder so everyone can rest easy while they are hiking and sleeping in the woods.