As we all gathered for class Monday, Professor Thaxton—a wise, intelligent, and steady-handed man— rolled in, readily prepared to teach us about faith and science. His sense of humor and extraordinary stories intrigued and drew us all in. He described his time in Eastern Europe from the Czech Republic to Romania where he presented our faith through the story of creation. We were baffled especially by his story at the University of Prague where he taught for about five years and students competed to sign up for his class in order to meet the one legged professor who was there by his own choice in order to teach them parts of science they had never heard about— something besides evolution.

Tuesday, he disclosed the topic for the day: Ten Reasons Why Darwin Would Not Write Origins of the Species If He Were Alive Today. The morning was spent dexterously dissecting Darwinian theory.The ten reasons covered topics such a natural selection; slow and gradual change; time and chance; and gaps in the fossil record. Learning about these ten topics allowed us to first understand what Darwinian theory truly was. Secondly, we watched Professor Thaxton give reasons for how this theory has been changed through time because of new developments in science. For example, how does one describe the development of a cell as part of evolution. The parts of the cell and DNA reflect it’s wonderful complexity. This did not just come about out of a spontaneous mixture of chemicals and whatnots. Our eyes opened wide and hearts pounded faster as we were handed golden nuggets of information. What a find! What a discovery!

The following day, Dr. Thaxton presented to us one of the problems of global warming. This fascinated our class as we studied how a whole culture and world was hoodwinked by falsified studies and results. The main mistake lay with carbon emissions. We learned also about this arguments downfall when key emails were leaked from England, concerning climate change and carbon emissions. We learned about how everything in the world changed when people found out that everything that was discussed about carbon dioxide and how it caused global warming was all a lie. We were blown away by what we were learning. We all wondered deep inside how we can guard our minds from being tricked by exagerration.

Overall, it was a pleasure to have Dr. Thaxton with us. His brilliance and his devoted life are an inspiration and encouragement. Though I may never be a scientist, I hope to glorify the Lord with my life and career as he has done. His faith left an impact on all of our lives as we listened to him talk about his faith in God and how He will always lead him. Thank you Dr. Thaxton for taking the time to come and teach us. What you have taught will always live with us in our hearts and mind in college and our professions.

Daniel Poeana

Class of 2011