IMPACT 360 - Class of 2014The IMPACT 360 class of 2014 has officially moved in. This year’s group consists of thirty nine students from thirteen different states and multiple countries that include England, Jordan, and Morocco. We arrived on September 3rd to find a new and expanded Davis house with much more room to grow as a community.  After only a few days on Campus, it is evident that God is at work in the hearts of all invested in our group. He is the reason that everyone has found their way to a small Georgia community, far from their comfort zones and families.

From team building to sharing time with community groups, the Holy Spirit is already at work preparing us for a year of trials, learning, growth, and understanding our role in God’s plan. There is an understanding that while we might not know all the answers to the spiritual and foundational questions being asked of us, we have this year to explore and seek them.