“We, the men of Impact 360 Institute, will strive to encourage each other in vulnerability as disciples of Christ, living as servant leaders for the Kingdom of God.”

“Humble women who strive toward being authentic, loving servants with refined spirits, courage to be ablaze for God, and becoming wholesomely pure of heart while pursuing truth.”

Above are the mission statements constructed by the new Gap Year students of Impact 360. We were asked to deliberate and share what we all strive to be this year. It should be very obvious, by our answers, to see that this group of students want, more than anything, to become great leaders of our time. But, as we have learned this week, some may have to cultivate The Heart of Leadership.

Last Wednesday, the class of 2016 went on the incredible “Vision and Values” tour of corporate Chick-fil-A, led by Trudy Cathy White (daughter of S. Truett Cathy), followed by a dinner and pool party graciously provided by the Whites. During that time, the class of 2016 saw first-hand one of the key aspects of a true leader: servanthood.

The humility that shone through Mrs. Trudy White gave an example to the students as she held doors, offered help, asked how someone’s day was, and/or gave hugs to whoever would take one. This kind of humility through servanthood revealed to the class that to be a successful leader, you must “Think Others First”.

The students and staff do this. If you are given the opportunity to tour our campus, you will see just how willing they are to serve you in any way. Be it opening doors, making room at a table, and/or bringing food to you themselves; these students and staff members do anything to be able to minister to you.

The class of 2016 is comprised of college-aged adults that have made it our priority to ensure that we are not just 40 students in a gap year program, but that we are 40 servants furthering the Kingdom of God, of which we are citizens.