“Our prayer for your son or your daughter is that they become like clay in the Potter’s hand; that God would take them and mold them and shape them and use them and fill them so that their lives will become useful vessels for the Lord” (Trudy Cathy White).

It was this very desire that led John and Trudy (Cathy) White to oversee the founding of the Impact 360 Institute. In September of 2006, eighteen students embarked upon the first Impact 360 Gap Year experience. Since that day, nearly 300 young people have been enabled to step confidently into their college years, inspired to walk toward their specific calling with confidence and strong faith.

Our eleventh Gap Year experience will soon be in full swing. 40 young people have taken the first steps on a journey that will lead them to the place where they are empowered to live their faith in the face of the powerful worldly influence of college. These young men and women are future leaders and influencers—they are the hope of tomorrow and each has chosen the path less followed. As John White says, “They’re not following the normal path so there is something unique and different about each one of them.”

Each of the students of this year’s Gap Year experience will discover the three pillars that will enable them to follow this less-traveled path: Know, Be, Live.

Know why you believe.

“We need sharp thinkers; we don’t need mediocre Christians . . . our responsibility is to pray and seek God . . . He wants us to know him. That’s our first pillar: knowing God. (John White)

Be who God created you to be.

“It’s in the seeking, it’s in the struggle, it’s in the wrestling with truth and understanding, it’s in the dialog and conversation . . . with their classmates that . . . God will do His work and He will show up” (John White).

Live what you learn.

“Our goal is to create and stimulate effectual programs of training that enable young people to do what Jesus said in a regular and efficient manner; not to do what mother and dad said, not to do what their youth pastor said or their pastor, but to do what Jesus said in a regular and efficient manner . . . demonstrating Godly behaviors and experiences that reflect the kingdom of God (John White).

The 2016 Gap Year students are headed for the experience of a lifetime. This is our prayer, our goal, and our commitment.

“Our commitment to you is to provide a good place that . . . is going to continue to cultivate these young leaders to be followers of Jesus Christ. We . . . will provide a place that is secure—physically, emotionally, and spiritually . . . Not only do we commit to maintaining our purpose and the security of the environment, but [we commit to maintaining] a place of excellence—a program that is excellent, a staff that is excellent, and visiting guest professors who are excellent” (John White).