So…you think you’re tolerant? Ready to find out?

Answering these short questions will reveal just how tolerant you really are…

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“There are many ways to God so why do Christians think theirs is the only way? That’s SO narrow-minded…”

“Christians are arrogant, intolerant bigots who think they’re right and everyone else is wrong.”

“People should be free to believe and live however they want as long as they don’t hurt anybody.”

Those are pervasive ideas in today’s culture. None of them are new, but they’re growing in popularity—even making their way into the pews and choir lofts of evangelical churches. That makes it more important than ever to know how to think critically about them, find out whether they’re true or not, and know how to respond when you hear them. In this course we give you the tools you need to do all that, and to stand as a beacon of truth in an increasingly secular world.