Theology has been getting a lot of airplay in the associated press lately. Largely due to the controversy at Wheaton College. Various voices have waded into the web of issues involved including tenure, religious liberty, and doctrinal integrity of an evangelical institution. All of those are important questions. But I want to focus on one of the key questions of this debate — the theological question: Do Muslims and Christians Worship The Same God?

During our Immersion summer worldview and apologetics experience I had the opportunity to interview one of our guest faculty and my friend Alan Shlemon on this question. I think you will find his answer instructive and helpful. It all revolves around what do we mean by God and then what do you do with the person of Jesus? How would Muslims and Christians respond to Jesus if he were to show up today?

Theology matters. It’s a key part of knowing what we believe and why as Christians.

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