How should Christians think about near-death experiences? What is a near-death experience, and is there any evidence that people actually experience them? Are near-death experience evidence for the afterlife? How are the questions of the afterlife informed by what we believe about the biggest questions of life?

In this episode of the podcast, Jonathan is joined by Dr. Gary Habermas to discuss near-death experiences and why it’s important for Christians to think clearly about them. Jonathan and Dr. Habermas answer these questions and discuss topics like the “intermediate state”, how near-death experiences aren’t simply secondhand stories, why near-death experiences can give us confidence in the afterlife, and Dr. Habermas’ compelling evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

Dr. Gary Habermas is the Distinguished Research Professor of Apologetics and Philosophy at Liberty University School of Divinity. Dr. Habermas has written or edited over 43 books, including Beyond Death: Exploring the Evidence for Immorality, The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, The Historical Jesus: Ancient Evidence for the Life of Christ, and In Defense of Miracles: A Comprehensive Case for God’s Action in History. You can find more resources and information from Dr. Habermas online at

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