What are the most important prophecies that point to Jesus the Messiah? We see ancient prophecies that anticipate the coming of Jesus predicted hundreds of years before these events took place. And in this fascinating conversation between Jonathan Morrow and Dr. David Mishkin, we discuss some of the most critical prophecies about Jesus the Messiah and the importance of understanding the Jewish cultural background. To better grasp, understand, and apply the passages that deal with the coming, life, and ministry of Jesus.

It is no longer a novelty to say that Jesus was a Jew. The term “Jewish Roots” has become a buzzword in modern-day language. What does the Jewishness of Jesus actually mean and why is it important? Dr. David Mishkin’s work in A Handbook on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith addresses those questions. In the companion Handbook on the Jewish Roots of the Gospels surveys the historical, theological, and practical issues that arise when the Gospels are read as Jewish literature. The Jewish context of Jesus and his movement is better understood today thanks to archaeology, the ongoing publication of ancient texts, and changes in the way scholars think about Jewish society in late antiquity.