Daniel Horton, a recent graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, has begun his new role at IMPACT 360, a nine-month gap year program that teaches biblical worldview and servant leadership to high school graduates. Horton is one of two Student Learning Coordinators who live with the 30 students on the Pine Mountain, Ga. campus and mentor, lead, and minister to them as they learn from some of the most distinguished names in Christian apologetics and leadership.

The Corydon, Ind. native moved to Pine Mountain from Nicholasville, Ky., where he was working after receiving a degree in psychology from IWU in May. In addition to serving as a resident assistant and unit chaplain at university, Horton is also a graduate of the Focus Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs, Colo. These experiences as well as the time he has spent doing campus outreach have all prepared him to minister to the students at IMPACT 360.

“In my experiences with these organizations, I was blessed with rich community and saw firsthand how a community coming together for the sole purpose of the Gospel can provide fertile soil for growth,” Horton shared. “I learned important lessons on leadership, relationships, and accountability that have shaped me as a leader and I believe will be beneficial for my position.”

Though he just recently joined the IMPACT 360 team, Horton already understands the benefits the program offers its students as they enter university and seek to understand God’s calling on their lives.

“IMPACT 360 offers an experience that will develop you as a person, leader, and believer,” Horton said. “I believe students who go through the program are prepared for the future because they will be in tune with the Spirit of God and with who they were created to be.

“I am most excited about the opportunity to invest in the students’ lives and to see how the Lord begins to mold them while they are here. Then, after they leave, I am excited to see how they use what they learned to impact their communities and the people they come in contact with.”

IMPACT 360 is a nine-month program that challenges students to know what they believe and why, to understand God’s calling in their lives, and to develop and foster authentic Christian community. Since 2006, IMPACT 360 has commissioned more than 150 young adults who are motivated to not only affect their campuses with biblical truth, but to use their godly example to impact the rest of the world.

“We are always grateful to see how God provides for our team,” said IMPACT 360 Director John Basie, “and having Daniel join us is evidence of God’s provision and his desire to do a great work through IMPACT 360 this year. As we anticipate the arrival of students on Sept. 4, we are all working diligently to equip ourselves as leaders to best serve our students.”