Class this week was on the morality and attributes of God. It was so interesting! On Thursday in the academy we talked about prayer. One of the questions was what was the point of praying if there is free-will? What’s the point of praying for The Lord to guide you if you are just going to make the decision? Another question that was, why pray if we are predestined? If everything is determined for us, then what is the point of prayer? My conclusion to this question came  when I was talking to a couple of other students after class.  We pray because it’s relational. If you think about it how else do we talk to The Lord? Prayer I think is used to build that relationship with The Lord. God loves it when we pray to Him. He loves it when we come to him and just talk. It’s like going and sitting in your parents lap and just talking to them! It’s so sweet!

Jessica Darby