In my first post on this topic, I defined what coaching is, how it is different from other ways of serving (e.g., consulting or counseling), and what some of the characteristics of a good coach are.

Now, I want to emphasize the importance of action in coaching. I’ve found that real transformation rarely takes root without action.

Transformation is from the inside out, and includes:
  • Discovery: an overall increase in our awareness of self and others, including increased awareness of both healthy life patterns to build upon and unhealthy ones that keep us stuck
  • Development: an intentional focus on building character, including the biblical virtues in Galatians 5.
  • Direction: action-oriented, forward progress towards stated goals. Outward action is evidence of lasting inner change. This is supported in James 2:18 where we are reminded about the tight connection between our faith and outwardly observable deeds that give evidence of that faith.

The main point is this: lasting transformation includes these three key elements, and action is essential in that equation.

If you’re a college student, to what extent are you asking God to help you latch on to these elements in your education and activities so that your life is increasingly a reflection of Jesus Christ himself?

Here is a sample of transformational coaching questions that could help you or someone you know to translate goals into action:
  • “How willing are you to act on what you’ve said you want to accomplish?”
  • “If you’re not ready to act, how can we change the plan so that you will make a commitment to act in the near future?”
  • “What are you going to do first?”
  • “When will you start?”
  • “When will you have it done?”
  • “Who will you tell about your plan?”
  • “Who will give you support and keep you accountable?”
  • “On a scale of 1-10, what is the likelihood you will do what you have agreed to do?”

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