Our Bible is a dynamic book filled with the Lord’s mission to reach the nations and glorify His name.

During the past week, Dr. Bryan Beyer, a professor from Columbia International University, brought the Bible to life for our class. He taught that from the beginning of time the Lord used the Israelites as His missionaries in order to exemplify His love and glory. We learned that the Old Testament was not simply a story about God dealing with one nation but with many.

For myself, I found joy every morning when we proudly sang in several dialects, “This is the day the Lord has made.” Dr. Beyer’s teaching continually revealed to each of us how this the day the Lord has made to glorify His name. We all came to understand the Lord’s undying love for the nations. He, our Heavenly Savior, has always loved His creation and desires to know us.

Over the last several weeks, our class has seen the Lord manifest himself within the pages of our Bibles. From Genesis to Revelation, we saw Him working and revealing himself. With Dr. Beyer’s guidance, we came to acknowledge that God’s kingdom was here yesterday, is here now, and is coming in the future. Everyday is one day closer.

Thank you Dr. Beyer for teaching us about the Lord’s mission from the Old Testament to today, and for leading us down the path where we can discover our part in His kingdom’s mission.

Daniel Poeana
IMPACT 360 Student
Class of 2011