It’s an exciting time here at Impact 360 Institute, and we’ve got some great news to share! In an effort to equip college students beyond the Gap Year experience, we are launching the Impact 360 Scholar experience. Through this endeavor, we will maintain relationships with our Gap Year alums as well as equip a greater group of young adults in their college years. We are thrilled this new work will be led by our own Dr. John Basie!

That leads me to the next part of our announcement: now that Dr. Basie will be leading Impact 360 Scholar experience, we have a new Director of Impact 360 Gap Year —Trent Wilbanks. Trent has served faithfully as Associate Director for the Gap Year, and we are thrilled he will bring his steady leadership style and strategic thinking skills to his new role as director!

We congratulate both Dr. Basie and Trent and look forward to seeing all the ways God will work through each of them in the coming days, months, and years!