Spring is blooming and the IMPACT 360 campus is booming! March has been an exciting month with many incredible professors: Dr. Len Bartlotti taught on Islam and ministering to Muslims. John Wingard taught on logic and critical thinking. Nancy Pearcy taught on Christianity within the Humanities as well as how science and faith complement each other. Del Tackett challenged us all on how God created the world and how the stamp of the trinity is on everything. This week John Stonestreet is teaching on Culture and Christianity and how a Christian should approach culture. Also this week, Eric Bruggink will be teaching on Law and Virtue; speaking on how these two can go hand and hand. March has been filled with great discussions in the classroom.  Tuesday night fireside chats have also allowed students to ask deeper questions and hear extra stories from these great professors.

March also brought a lot of extra fun with both a Biblical manhood retreat as well as a Biblical womanhood retreat! All the students as well as many mentors enjoyed an incredible weekend at the Summit in Alabama. It was time of relaxation and bonding!  Plus, it was a time to be challenged deeper as men and women seeing what it truly means to be a man or woman of God.

This month we enjoyed the pleasure of having Mrs. Cathy Alford come and share with us about the Myers-Briggs personality test. We enjoyed previous learning from her about conflict styles as well as learning about Strength Finders. We have all enjoyed learning more about ourselves through these assessments so we can better impact the world around us.

Finally we all enjoyed another fun preview weekend! This weekend we did a playoff of March Madness and had a Mario Madness tournament. 32 students and potential students competed in a Mario Kart Racing Tournament. It was a very exciting atmosphere with students cheering and lots of good food! Campbell McCrea walked away with the title of Mario Kart Champion!

Overall march has been a fantastic month for IMPACT360! We look forward to another exciting month ahead in April, but not before a little rest and relaxation over Spring Break!

Abigail Hebert