This past week, our students were able to celebrate the new season! With its crisp air, changing leaves, flannel sweaters, pumpkins, and lattes, Fall is officially in full swing on Pine Mountain.

The weekend prior, the students were on Fall Break; this was the first opportunity for many of them to reunite with friends and family back home. Students unable to return home because of distance difficulties traveled with other student’s homes who lived closer. Students returned refreshed and ready to tackle their second month at Impact.

Thursday and Friday we held our second Preview Day of the year with the theme being “Fall Festival.” Preview students were able to participate in a scarecrow building contest and enjoy a warming bonfire that night. Preview Days are always a wonderful opportunity to showcase all that Impact 360 Institute has to offer.

This weekend, both the guys and girls participated in their respective GNO’s, or Guy’s Night Out and Girl’s Night Out. The girls spent much of the day at a local pumpkin patch while the guys held their own game night on campus. Needless to say, the week was filled with activity and was an excellent kickoff to Fall!