It has been three weeks since we have gotten back from our international experience in Brazil. Just because we are not in Brazil anymore doesn’t mean that God has stopped using us, and giving us a passion to bless the people in the community. When we got back from Brazil we realized that we can do ministry in our little town just like we did for the people in Brazil. So we started organizing events to help out our community. One example of this was a prayer walk we did on Friday morning. The students split into groups and just went into the town of Pine Mountain to pray for the community and the people in it. This also gave us more ideas on how we can give back and bless our community.

God has also been blessing us with some fantastic professors since we have returned. Our the first professor we had was Dr. Norman Geisler. He is one of the most knowledgeable apologist of our time, and authored the Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. That week we really learned about the credibility of the Bible, and how to handle the difficulties we find in the Bible. The week we had Dr. Charles Thaxton, who is one of the founding fathers of the Intelligent Design movement. He helped us see how faith and science are intertwined and compliment each other. After that we had the great privilege of learning from Dr. Del Tackett of the Focus on the Family Institute and creator of The Truth Project. He really focused on how God has designed parts of our society with a divine structure of reflecting the glory of God. We also played a pretty intense game of Ultimate Frisbee with Dr. Tackett. It was just really cool to hear from all three of these amazing guys. It is really a privilege to have been taught by such amazing men of God. Also, for the next two week we will be learning from our Mentors In-Residence Carey and Suzanne Smith. They are friends of our admissions director, Katy Thompson. Below are pictures of some people we have met and have been around.. ….enjoy!