Hard to believe we’re ready to start the fifth year of classes at IMPACT 360! Just to keep you interested, we’ve got a little information about each module and those who are teaching them. For fun, we interviewed some of the alumni about their impressions of the professors and included some of their comments as well. Here’s the schedule for the rest of this week:

Biblical Worldview I, Sept. 16-18, taught by J.P. Moreland who will help students discover the concept of worldview. They will explore Christian and non-Christian worldviews which always makes for interesting discussions. Although Dr. Moreland is the distinguished professor of philosophy at Biola University in California, he is “not what you’d expect,” according to one former student. “He wore jeans and a Hawaiian shirt the first day. But he’s a genius so ask a lot of questions.” Dr. Moreland has four earned degrees (including a B.S. in chemistry) and has authored or co-authored 30 books. In his spare time he’s a fan of “24” and “Lost”.