This past week has been the Fellows Class of IV’s last week. We had daily classes preparing us on how to do life well outside of Impact. We have had many last experiences that are closing this aspect of life. Classes and the teaching sessions are over. There is no more homework or assignments. We have had the last sessions of Discipleship, the last meeting of the suites, and the last gathering of the class as a whole.

This time is bittersweet for all. We are leaving our safe haven of believers we have done life with over the past nine months. We have been a family. We have lived together, eaten together, learned together, gone to Brazil together. We have laughed, cried, fought, grown, been challenged, and been transformed to show Christ well. Not many people are blessed with that and it is something to be cherished. Now that is changing. Yes, we can and will continue to build relationships both new and old, but we will never have this same experience ever again.

The future holds many exciting things though, whether going to college or diving into the workforce there are places desperate to learn how to live for Christ and be firmly rooted in Him. There will be new friendships made and new opportunities for us to share the Gospel in the places we go in unique ways. As we become Impact 360 alumni, we will have the opportunity to share what we have learned with the upcoming classes. We have been given a gift of learning and fellowship. This is not a gift to hold onto and hoard. When given a precious gift, it is your responsibility to show ad share it with others. The same is true with the life we have had this year.

This chapter of life is closing but a new chapter is beginning with all the joy and challenges it brings. Impact 360 was a new experience and this class thrived! New lifelong friendships were made. Our thought processes were challenged and reshaped to be more like Christ. The goal of this program was to be transformed to be more like Christ. This has been our goal for the past nine months. At the end of this time, we have now been given the privilege of being launched into the world to share the good news of Jesus and to show Him through us. All glory be to Jesus!