frisbee-game-for-blog-91511What an incredible journey God has already put us on here at Impact 360. It has been a privilege to walk alongside 30 incredible students who share with me in a desire for growth, a love for community, and a heart for Christ for nearly a week already. We have been blessed beyond measure with a great group of guys and girls and all have a great anticipation for God to move and to reveal himself more to us in the coming 9 months.

The most common phrase going around would definitely be “I feel so overwhelmed!” What a great problem to have. Each of us already have been invested into so much and have such healthy expectations of one another and of ourselves. Orientation has been a great week of learning how to work together and getting time to share time with one another. We have spent lots of time doing team building exercises and have also been able to get a fair amount of time alone with God. Even though it has only been one week, there is already a sense of community and a growing anticipation for learning.

Free time, however, is at a premium. In our occasional spare time there has been lots of Ultimate Frisbee, sleeping, and reading. We look forward to getting into a regular pattern so that we can plan our time out and get settled in. Some great times on campus, around the fire, and in the surrounding community have given us many opportunities to connect with others while the tech-fast has helped to keep our focus on one another and build the foundation for healthy community by giving us time away from our phones, emails, and the Internet.

I look forward to the next 9 months as we get to know each other and grow in knowledge and depth of insight! Pray that we continue to become better Christ-centered servant leaders, and each of our walks with Christ would be pushed to new heights and depths! Also pray that we are able to form a loving and committed community that is rooted in Christ. I hope you’ll join me in a great anticipation for what God has in store for the coming months.

Daniel Watts
Class of 2012