I was not entirely sure what to expect the first time JP Moreland walked in the room for class last Thursday morning.  As the daughter of a theologian myself, I knew I had a good grounding in basic philosophy and apologetics.  When I read Moreland’s book I felt confident I understood the concepts.  Surely class wouldn’t be any harder.  I found out pretty quickly, though, one does not just breeze through Moreland’s philosophy and apologetics.  You know you are in over your head when a professor starts discussing Kalam Cosmological Argument and has you contemplating the difference between actual and potential infinity.

The class was definitely a challenge, and I enjoyed it all the more for that.  I was amazed at Moreland’s fantastic ability to bring advanced philosophy down to our level.  Our whole class was blown away by the fact that one could so easily prove the existence of God from facts in science/nature and philosophy.  These were facts that I could go on and put to practical use in explaining God to my friends. In the end, Moreland’s lessons had a profound impact on the building of my worldview and the building of my faith.

Serenity Richardson
IMPACT 360 Class of 2011