It was a cloudy day, but thirty brand new IMPACT 360 students were still excited as they moved onto campus last Tuesday. This is IMPACT 360’s 7th class, evenly split between guys and girls. IMPACT 360 has new students, but also staff as well. The staff have added three new members to their team to help minister to those thirty students. Daniel Horton and Karen Jordan will be the Student Learning Coordinators and Allison Powell is serving as the Student Learning and Living Intern. These three staff members have already added so much to the community. The students have enjoyed tea in Karen’s room, devotions with Allison, and college football with Daniel.

As a student, the first day was frantic and exciting waking up that morning. I was eager to move in and take in all that IMPACT 360 had for me. I was thrilled to meet my roommates for the first time face to face! I was excited to watch as our room went from an empty dorm room to a beautiful home away from home. The first day was filled with team-building activities to help us get to know each other better.

I am so excited to see how God is going to work in and through us throughout the next nine months. I know we are all eagerly anticipating the adventure module to come in just a few short weeks.

Abigail Hebert