i360_hero_banner_1@2xIMPACT 360 was born out of a vision to transform communities with the message of Jesus Christ by equipping young adults to become Christ-centered servant leaders. Through worldview studies, leadership training and serving others, students at IMPACT 360 receive an educational and life experience like none other, and nothing is more impactful than our month-long international mission trip to Brazil.

You see, God’s work isn’t just important here at home; it’s crucial that we take His message of love to the world. In just a few days, 39 IMPACT 360 students – along with faculty and staff – will take off for Brazil for a monthlong mission trip. 

Our hope is that God will give us all a broader and deeper understanding of the vastness of His love for His people while enabling us to share His Good News.

Our journey throughout Brazil will offer students opportunities to be camp counselors, Vacation Bible School leaders, mentors and even teachers to countless individuals and communities while sharing Chick-fil-A’s S.E.R.V.E. model for leadership.

It’s time to put into action the ideas, ideals, theories and truths that we have been learning throughout our first semester together, and we are asking for your prayers and support as we venture out. As IMPACT 360 co-founder, Trudy Cathy White, once said, “The fact that God entrusts us to be His hands and feet can be somewhat overwhelming, but what a blessing it is to be His ambassador and speak Truth into the lives of others across the globe. He speaks all languages, and He can meet anybody’s need… anywhere.”

We will have projects in Brasilia, Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegro, and our students will be divided into two groups: Team Porto Alegro and Team Sao Paulo. We are asking that you pray specifically for them over the next month.

The avatar (below) has been created so that you will be reminded to pray, but also to help you promote the Good Work our students will be doing while they are traveling. facebook_avatar_5

Please use this image in your Facebook and Twitter profiles through February 11, and check back soon and often for updates from our travels!

Obrigado! (Thank you!)