This past weekend we had what we call “preview day”. It is a day where students from around the country will come to see our campus and get interviewed for the upcoming year.
We (current students) have the opportunity to host these interviewing guests in our rooms and enjoy an evening of fun and games.
The community group “student life” planned the evenings and activities and they called in the “Jamestown Jamboree”. We all got to dress like indians or pilgrims and then played an upbeat scavenger hunt game. This game involved getting clues and then following them to a game location around campus.
After we finished these games we were able to have some free time and we made smores in the kitchen and sang some songs and got to get to know some of our guests a lot better. It was a really great chance for us to learn hospitality and how to be welcoming to others even when it was not an easy weekend for some of us.
This weekend was really enjoyable and I am so excited to see what preview students will be able to join our Impact family in the future!