Oi from Brasilia!

Week one in Brasilia was filled with new adventures and the immersion of a beautiful culture! Monday, January 14th, Brasilia team A [Amarelo] arrived at Agua Viva tired but excited for their first week in Brasilia. After traveling for twenty-four hours, the team rested Tuesday morning and arrived at their first service site that night for a Banquet.

Brasilia team A spent their first week of being in Brazil volunteering with a church in Aguas Clarias, Brasilia named Filadelfia. They stayed in host homes of the churches staff and volunteers for the rest of their stay that week. While this was a new and unknown experience, the team felt very welcomed and safe in the homes of this church’s congregation. From Wednesday to Saturday, Brasilia A humbly served this church in accomplishing anything that furthered its completion. Filadelfia began its expansion with a new building and new projects to be done. Some painted fences, the floor, tables, organized the top section of the sanctuary, and all diligently tightened the bolts on the sanctuary chairs. Within our Brasilia team, the Propel team hosted three teaching sessions that shared about worldview and leadership with Filadelfia’s congregation. It was an amazing experience to see how the Lord was using everything we have learned at Impact to “impact” other cultures for His Names sake. After faithfully serving this amazing ministry, Brasilia A continued in exploring Brasilia the city Sunday evening and returning to Agua Viva that night.

Our first week has been one full of new experiences through hard labor in the Brazil’s hot sun. But through it all, the Lord has revealed Himself to us all in different ways and has us in the palm of His hand. As Brasilia A enters into their second week, we are excited to see what the Lord will do through us in this beautiful city of Brasilia!