After 20 years of working in international missions, John and Trudy Cathy White recognized an increasing need for equipping young adults in the area of Christ-centered leadership.

In 2003 John White and Trudy Cathy White launched Lifeshape with a vision to help a new generation of young women and men understand, explain and live out their faith while cultivating an authentic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Today, that vision is being realized through the creation of Impact 360 Institute – an organization that is passionate about equipping young adults to influence culture for Christ.

Together with some of today’s leading Christian thinkers in the areas of biblical worldview, theology, apologetics, philosophy, leadership, culture and education, Impact 360 Institute is excited to be a part of God’s mission to influence hearts, homes, communities and countries around the world with the truth of the Christianity.


All programming at Impact 360 Institute stems from the belief that all Christians should know what they believe and why; they should strive to be who God created them to be; and then live out that calling by serving others.

At Impact 360 Institute, Know. Be. Live. is more than a catchy headline or hoped-for philosophy; it is a way of life.


Impact 360 Institute Speaker Series:
With instruction from some of Christianity’s leading thinkers and teachers of biblical worldview, Impact 360 Institute is excited to offer this unique, interactive speaker series in 2014.

For nearly a decade, they have been creating an environment where faith and culture come together. A place where students are challenged to think deeply and critically about what they believe and why.

Now YOU can be a part of this experience! Sign-up to be a part of Impact 360 Institute’s 2014 Speaker Series LiveStream and be equipped to engage some of our culture’s toughest questions with confidence.

For more information on our Speaker Series, click here.

Impact 360 Fellows Experience:
The Institute’s Gap Year Experience was created in 2006, and offers students a nine-month college level academic experience.

Impact 360 Fellows three main emphases are biblical worldview studies, leadership training and discernment of God’s call. Students are awarded 18-hours of university credit through Union University (Jackson, TN) for successfully completing all requirements. This experience includes a month-long international mission trip to Brazil and experiences in Utah, Washington D.C. and more.

For more information on Gap Year, click here.

Impact 360 Immersion Experience:
Starting this summer, Impact 360 Institute will offer high school students an intensive 2-week worldview and leadership experience (3 hours of college credit is available).

Students will grow in their confidence of what they believe and why with leading Christian faculty like Sean McDowell and Derek Minor; engage others who believe differently through worldview field experiences; and be able to process what they are learning within a small group of their peers. Only 40 spots are available for this unique experience!

For more information on Immersion, click here.

Impact 360 Masters Experience:
Starting in Fall 2014, Impact 360 Institute will offer a unique and innovative graduate experience for young adults preparing to enter areas of higher education, student life, student campus ministry, or further graduate study.

A blend of live class instruction and online coursework, the 33-hour Masters in Christian Studies will be awarded by Union University (Jackson, TN). All live classroom instruction – as well as a paid assistantship – will take place on the Impact 360 Institute campus in Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Consistent with the Institute’s three-fold emphasis of Know. Be. Live., the Masters Experience will focus on equipping the next generation of higher education leaders with a biblical worldview and best-in-class practices in formal classroom instruction, experiential learning and student life.


(Updated 2021) Impact 360 Masters now features a fully-accredited M.A. in Leadership through North Greenville University.

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