Daniel Darling, author of The Characters of Christmas, joins Jonathan Morrow on the podcast to take readers back to the time of Christ’s birth and look at the unusual group of misfits, social outcasts, and often overlooked people in the Christmas story.

With its sparkly lights, piles of gifts, and heartwarming sentiments, it’s easy to be caught up in the flurry of activity at Christmas and forget who is at the center of it all. How do we recapture our love for the Christmas story, for Jesus, and better understand those who played a pivotal role in His birth?

  • Joseph: Joseph was a man of simple faithfulness who did the next right thing in front of him. He knew who he was and was committed to Scripture.
  • Mary: This young, Jewish peasant girl is at the center of everything. Mary said yes to the hard call of discipleship, even though the circumstances were extraordinary.
  • The Innkeeper: The Bible doesn’t mention an innkeeper, but someone must have told Joseph and Mary the inn was full. Regardless, in the end, the innkeeper found room for Jesus.

What do we do when Jesus interrupts our life? Darling also shares insights into the song of the Angels, the shepherds, Herod, Simeon and Anna, Zechariah and Elizabeth, and gives a detailed look into the surprising people in the lineage of Christ. Darling brings each one to life, explores their role in the Christmas story, and digs deep to reveal truths from their lives that impact believers today.