How do you share Jesus with your Mormon friends and family?

One of our greatest challenges as Christians is sharing the truth with those who believe they’ve already found it. When witnessing to current or former members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s essential that you can compassionately delineate biblical teachings from Mormon doctrine while tactfully advocating for Christ.

In this podcast interview, Jonathan Morrow has a practical conversation with Eric Johnson on how to do this.

For every believer who prays for loved ones in the LDS Church—or loved ones who gave up on religion after leaving Mormonism—Introducing Christianity to Mormons is the guidebook you need to witness to them. Inside this book, you’ll find real-life conversations that give you helpful ideas for what to say in your discussions, contrast points between Mormonism and Christianity that illuminate God’s truth, and biblical apologetics that allow you to minister to former LDS members wounded by their experience with the Church. Get ready to present the case for Christianity with confidence and grace.

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