Transformational leaders inspire change in people and systems 

As a transformational leader, you create valuable and positive change by developing the strengths of your team members and courageously leading your organization to challenge the status quo. You energize others to reach new goals and make significant contributions to your mission.  

Strengths of the Transformational Leader
Transformational leaders are skilled at developing each individual on their team, inspiring others to do their best work, promoting collaboration, communicating authentically, and practicing sound judgment.  

Opportunities for Growth for the Transformational Leader
Transformational leaders should be aware of the potential for personal burnout and their tendency to give low attention to operational tasks.

Transformational Leaders in Scripture and History

  • Paul: Articulated the differences between earthly kingdoms and the Kingdom of God for the early Church  
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: Envisioned an equal society and inspired a generation of activists to disrupt the status quo  
  • Malala Yousafzai: Courageously used her voice to draw attention to female educational inequalities  
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Leverage Your Leadership for the Kingdom

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At Impact 360 Institute, our mission is to inspire and equip the next generation of disciples to know Jesus more deeply, be transformed in their character, and live with Spirit-empowered influence. Through biblical worldview education, community-based discipleship, leadership coaching, vocational mentoring, and missional opportunities, students are equipped to live as change agents in the world.

Impact 360 Institute prepares leaders like you to launch into their God-given calling by equipping them to take action wherever God calls them.

Opportunities for Recent College Graduates and Young Professionals

Grow in your leadership at Impact 360 Residency

Impact 360 Residency is a transformative and immersive graduate experience that will prepare you for whatever leadership role God has for your future.

Grow as an apprentice of Jesus as you live, work, and learn at Impact 360 Institute, a mission-driven student discipleship and spiritual formation organization.

  • Earn a Master of Arts in Leadership from North Greenville University at Impact 360 Institute
  • Apply what you are learning to meaningful work as a part of our staff team for two years.
  • Live on campus, become a part of our community, and build lasting friendships with other Kingdom-minded leaders.
  • Launch into your calling with a deepened biblical worldview, a foundation of servant leadership, and a heart to serve, no matter your specific calling.

You can learn more about Impact 360 Residency here.

What Kind of Leader Does Our World Need?

Launch into Your Kingdom Calling

No matter what your top leadership strength is, you can be a leader who uses your gifts, skills, and influence to serve others. Check out this video to hear how Impact 360 Residency equipped Simon Moses to be a leader who leverages his influence for God’s Kingdom.

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