Who is Gen Z

What are the values, assumptions, and allegiances in the next, next generation? Impact 360 Institute has partnered with the Barna Group to explore Gen Z. Born between 1999 and 2015, Gen Z is larger than the Millennials and has been shaped in significantly different ways. Join us at genzlab.com

Gen Z Research

Only 29% of Gen Z Believe Abortion is Morally Wrong

Introducing: Gen Z Lab

Ten Ways “Grown-up” Christians Can Set a Better Example for Gen Z on Social Media

David Kinnaman & Jonathan Morrow Discuss Gen Z on the Catalyst Leadership Podcast

Moral Relativism is One of the Defining Characteristics of Gen Z

Why Gen Z Is Not Prepared To Follow Jesus In A Post-Everything World

A First Look at the Next, Next Generation
We’ve been talking for years about Millennials. But now a new generation is becoming a cultural force in their own right—and it’s time to pay attention.
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