To be perfectly honest, before this year began I had hardly any idea of what a worldview was and much less, what all it encompassed. Since we began this journey, the main theme in the classroom has been studying worldview and all its aspects, which was appropriate considering I and likely most, if not all, other students were not nearly educated enough about it.  Through mountains of books and professors from all around we have learned and explored our own worldview as well as other popular ones among modern society.

Last week we had the privilege of having Glenn Gentry, an incredibly brilliant professor from CIU, come and teach our classroom on worldview for three days. Gentry had one of the most unique ways of teaching that I have seen thus far, yet it was also extremely effective. We discussed everything from the worldview of Nihilism to how Christians can see food through their worldview. At the time, it seemed a bit trivial learning about how Christians should view food through their worldview. After writing a paper given to us in class over this general topic and having some reflection time, my worldview was widened drastically. I’ve began to understand that a worldview does not just concern the big questions and choices of life, but it concerns life from how we view food all the way to how we view our career and vocation. It is a difficult mindset to have, but to view the world constantly through the lenses of God in all we do, think, and see down to the smallest of things is a step in the right direction that I’ve attempted to make. Before I thought my worldview could only be applied to the bigger things in life, but now my lens has been widened to try and see the whole world through His eyes.

Caleb Releford