campfire-photo-for-blog-91511Today was our very first real weekend day at Impact 360! It was very exciting, but it was also very hard to believe that we’ve only been here a week. Our class has already gotten so close that it feels like we’ve been here for months! Anyhoo, that being said, this weekend turned out to be both eventful and relaxing at the same time. And yes, that sounds like a contradiction but bear with me.

Friday night a spontaneous campfire took place. What started out as friends making Smores and casually chatting very quickly turned into a sharing experience of everything from life verses (if you had one) to partial testimonies. It was absolutely incredible to see God already beginning to move in the relationships we’ve already built, and it was even more exciting to think of what He will do with our class in the future. After all, it hasn’t even been a week yet!!!

Saturday was a little bit more casual. Most of it was spent in personal quiet times, which I absolutely LOVE. Pine Mountain is so beautiful in and of itself, and when you add in a personal relationship with the King of Kings it becomes even more breathtaking. Saturday afternoon the entire class loaded up and drove to a field right behind the fire department to play a “friendly” game of ultimate Frisbee. The quotation marks are definitely there for a reason. One of the lessons I learned today was that we have a VERY competitive (and athletically blessed!) class. Saturday night was spent at the Wilbanks’ house (which is so so so beautiful) playing board games and eating delicious snacks. One of the best games all night was a game called ABCD. It was definitely an interesting experience!

So that’s basically it for right now! Personally, I think this year is going to be the best class so far. But then again, I might be a TAD bit biased. But only a little!!

-Bethany Stewart