As the year is coming to an end we are doing all of our assignments, ending well at our Service Opportunities, and figuring out how to transition to the next step in our education. Today and tomorrow we are wrapping up our final assignments by presenting at Chick-fil-A Corporate. This was such a great experience. Each person was able to choose his or her own topic of a current cultural issue and talk about how we are going to SERVE and bring change to this issue. I really enjoyed seeing each person’s passion toward his or her topic, and seeing what he or she brought to it from personal experience. Chick-fil-A Corp. employees were invited to watch our presentations, and we also got to have a great lunch while we were there. This was a really great experience, and opportunity for us to share what issues we see in today’s society, and we were able to think about what we as Christians and young people need to do to bring awareness and change to each issue.

– Lauren Bush

William speaks about the difference between the sacred and secular culture Emily speaks about sports Lexi shares about poverty Nick speaks about post-modernism in the church Josiah shares about the message behind Disney. Nathan speaks about men in society Eryn shares about adoption  Chanler speaks about human trafficking. Nolan talks about Biblical Manhood Heather speaks about the church in our culture. Ivy talks about God's design for the family.