This past week, we had the honor of listening to William Lane Craig speak to us about apologetics, specifically giving us

arguments for the existence of God.  To begin, he informed us what exactly was required for a good, sound argument (logically valid, true premises, and being more plausible than its contradictory).  Then he gave us five detailed arguments for the existence of God: the Contingency (Cosmological) Argument, Kalam- Cosmological Argument, Teleological Argument, Moral Argument, and Ontological Argument.  Four of these arguments are in the book we read by Dr. Craig, On Guard, and the other, the Ontological Argument, is in a different book he wrote.

I really enjoyed listening to Dr. Craig because of all the details he gave us for each argument.  Dr. Craig said, “Know your subject profoundly; express it simply.”  He explained to us that it is important for us to really know the topic we are discussing, but it is also equally important for us to explain the topic to others on a level they can understand.

I truly enjoyed having Dr. Craig as a professor during class and outside of class.  He was very friendly to all of us, and he was willing to answer any questions we had outside of class.  One of the reasons I was interested in IMPACT 360 was for apologetic classes, and Dr. Craig definitely delivered.  I am so excited I was able to spend three days in class listening to him.