As Learning Community Coordinator for the ladies here at Impact 360, Bekah coordinates learning experiences that take place outside of the classroom; these experiences may include spiritual formation, retreats, and fun bonding activities. Living on campus with the students provides her the opportunity to really walk alongside them in the day-to-day moments of life. Bekah says the most rewarding part of her job “is watching students acknowledge and then grow into who God created them to be with all their unique talents, interests, and skills. When a student grasps his or her identity and starts to live out of it, it’s just beautiful!”

Bekah prays that the students who come through the program “will know confidently that the Spirit of the Lord God lives inside of them. He goes before them and empowers them to do the work He prepared for them.” Impact 360 helped solidify this truth in her life, and now she can share that truth with the students to whom she ministers. Bekah strongly believes in the mission of Impact 360 because she has seen lives changed through this program, including hers. She observes that “Impact 360 trains and empowers students to lead people to Christ in the same way Christ lead people to himself—by lovingly serving them.” She is extremely thankful to be one of the students who has been empowered by Impact 360.

Bekah, who grew up in a small town in Northern Arizona, graduated high school with no clear direction for college or future career. Then she was introduced to Impact 360, and spent her freshman year in this gap year program. The direction she felt she needed became clearer at Impact, as she learned why she believed what believed and as she was introduced to how she might use her passion for people and truth to further the Kingdom. Even while studying Humanities and Bible at Columbia International University, she spent her summers working for Impact 360 Propel My Life, teaching worldview and leadership to high school students all over the country. Upon graduation, she accepted an Impact 360 internship before moving into her full-time position. She is privileged and honored to serve here.

Those aren’t all of Bekah’s Impact ties, however. In December of 2014, she married her husband, Brad, who is also affiliated with Impact 360! Their extended families are in Arizona and they love going home to visit, especially for holidays. But Bekah also enjoys her life in Georgia. She says, “I love to be with friends. It doesn’t matter if we are crafting, baking, celebrating over dessert, talking about life, or adventuring, I just enjoy being with the people I love.”

If you were to chance upon Bekah reading a book, there is a good chance it would be one by St. Augustine. Bekah credits him with influencing “my understanding of grace, sanctification, loving people and priorities. I’m fortunate to have encountered his writings.” The Books of Romans and Hebrews, in the Bible, are two you may find her reading as well.

Bekah hopes to leave a legacy of understanding the depth of God’s love and extending His love to others. She describes the dream for her life like this: “I saw a picture of Barcelonan men who stand upon each other’s shoulders to build the tallest tower they can. I was astonished at their talent and challenged by their camaraderie. In that moment, the Lord gave me a deep desire to be one of the people who stands at the bottom of the tower supporting my brothers and sisters who will go on to influence people for the Kingdom in ways that only they can; in the unique ways for which God created them.