Each year the students at IMPACT 360 take part in Service Learning Projects (SLPs) around the Pine Mountain area and other surrounding communities. This summer in an effort to live out as staff what we ask our students to live out, we took on our own SLP!

To serve Pine Mountain and those who are constantly looking out for our safety, we spent the day with the Pine Mountain Fire Department. Splitting into groups of two, we went around town painting the fire hydrants, a task that takes up much time for the department and could be accomplished quicker with more hands.

Mid way through our day, Bill Bain our Food Services Manager, made lunch for all the volunteers and we enjoyed a time of fellowship, learning the ins and outs of fire safety and all that it entails.

After a HOT day of painting we had a little fun and were given the opportunity to drive the fire engines. Dr. John Basie, our Director, was the first to go and I have never seen a fire engine move so fast!

Many thanks to the Pine Mountain Fire Department for their continued service to this community and their willingness to volunteer and put their lives on the line for so many.