This week, the students of IMPACT 360 spent a great three days in Lineville Alabama. SIFAT, or Servants In Faith And Technology, is a Christian nonprofit organization that provides training in self-help programs for a needy world. Students were able to spend a night in their global village, a great place to learn how people in other parts of the world live. Students also saw how trading among other countries works. At the end of the day, they were compelled to action on behalf of the starving people in other countries as well as in America.

Students were also given the opportunity to live in the slums, which was such a valuable experience. Students put themselves in a situation of poverty for about three hours. Many students expressed that going from having everything to having nothing was extremely overwhelming. Even though the situation was not “real” it was still very powerful to think that people have to wake up and struggle to survive day after day.

The last day was a chance for the students to give back to SIFAT. They did everything from demolishing goat playgrounds to cutting, picking up, and hauling big branches out of the road. It was great to see the glowing faces of the SIFAT staff, who were so thankful for just a hard day of work.

Even though the week was physically and emotionally taxing, everyone involved came away refreshed and ready to go spread the good news of Christ.

– Jack Wardle