As the year comes to a close we are focused on final projects and big decisions but if you’ve ever met the class of 2014 you’ll know that a little bit (or a lot) of stress doesn’t mean we stop having fun! Every Thursday we attend what is referred to as “The Academy.” This is a classroom time, usually spent with Ed, which was modeled after Plato’s Academy and is meant to encourage discussion and further explore the topics that had been taught earlier in the week. Today’s academy was the last of the year and the fact that it was taught by the incredible Dana Bort was not the only surprise… The students arrived today wrapped in bed sheets as togas and adorned with crowns of leaves to imitate and celebrate Plato’s Academy… some of our very own staff members even joined in on the fun! We discussed our souls and the links they have to our body and mind and in typical Impact fashion, learning
and fun were joined for a memorable class!

-Kelsey Morse