When Maci asked me to write a post for the blog, I had no idea where to start and where it would end. So much has happened in such a short amount of time and I want to talk about it all. Plus, I know my parents would really like to know what I have been doing with my time recently and hear my voice. They like that sort of thing. I guess I will start with what we did in Brasilia and Sao Paulo so far. In Brasilia, we have held worship services at churches and a rehab center, gave food and water to homeless people, painted gates, pews and walls, held a kids camp and even got to tour the city of Brasilia and hang out at a waterfall. In Sao Paulo, we have been doing kids programming in the slums and local churches and we have had the opportunity to live in host homes.

Through it all, God has been teaching me many things about myself and Himself. First, I have come to realize that I really have to rely on God in everything. For instance, we were at a church and had to put on a kid’s camp for the local community. Being the tech guy in the group, I have to make sure that there is music and sound for the things that we do at every location we visit. Right as we got there, a heavy rainstorm came through the area and the power went out. No power meant no sound coming out of the church’s stereo system. So, immediately, we had to make adjustments and change up the schedule to make everything work smoothly. At the end of the day, everything went rather smoothly and the kids even enjoyed themselves a lot. I had to heavily rely on others and God to get the job done.

I also have to understand that I don’t have to do everything in order to serve others and glorify God. I was given a couple tasks to do while I am in Brazil. But, this means that I don’t have to do everything either. Even though I want to have a part of everything, like leading worship and teaching children, that is not the task I was handed. All I have to do is the work that God has apportioned me, and have a willing, joyful heart in doing so. Because if I was doing everything, I would be completely worn out.

Overall, this trip has been amazing and very impactful in my life in so many different ways. I can’t wait to see what God does in our last couple days in Sao Paulo and the next part of our trip in Curitiba. Just keep praying for our team as we do God’s work and meet up with the other part of our team in a couple days. I also want to give a quick shout out to David and the Lifeshape team in Brasilia! We all love you guys very much and miss you all already. And, I am very thankful for the team here in Sao Paulo who have spent a lot of time with us and have translated for us. Both groups have made this experience so much better through their service as translators.

May God keep you and bless you.

– James Reamer II